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Ben Affleck considering American Bullshit as next film

ben affleck

Ben Affleck is looking to get back into the directing chair for a third time after Gone Baby Gone and The Town , and may have found the perfect script.

After scouring the Black List – Hollywood’s rundown of the greatest unproduced screenplays – he’s got his eye on a script entitled American Bullshit .

Witten by Eric Warren Singer, it revolves around a real-life undercover FBI sting in the 1980s, dubbed Abscam, which was designed to root out corruption in Congress.

Affleck has also been considering making a film about conflict in the Congo, though he’s been unable to come up with the funds to make it. Also on his radar is Replay , about a 43-year-old man who wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old.

Then there’s The Trade , in which he would possibly co-star with friend Matt Damon as one of two New York Yankees pitchers who swapped wives in 1973.

Whatever Affleck decides to do next, we’ll definitely be paying attention.