BBFC bans "unacceptable" gore film

Back in the ‘80s, the era of “video nasties” saw all sorts of movies banned. Directors such as Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead) see their movies sliced or banned by the BBFC.

It’s been a long time since a film churned up such strong feelings in the UK’s censors, but the DVD of Nick Palumbo’s Murder Set Pieces has hit that wall. The BBFC’s press release sums up just a few of the reasons why they don’t want it on the shelves: Murder Set Pieces is a feature with a single-minded focus on the activities of a psychopathic sexual serial killer, who, throughout the film, is seen raping, torturing and murdering his victims. Young children are among those terrorized and killed, and their inclusion in this abusive context is an added concern. In relation to the adult victims, there is a clear focus on sex or sexual behaviour accompanied by non-consensual pain, injury and humiliation.”

There’s more at Variety , but naturally this is only going to make people want to see the film, which came out in the US a couple of years ago.