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Video: The Last of Us... if its characters were posh Brits

Hello and welcome to a brand new video feature here on GamesRadar. We like to call it 'The Posh British Version'. It's where the GamesRadar UK team take well-known scenes from your favourite games and imagine what they'd sound like if all the characters were over-the-top, posh, British aristocrats. Sounds odd--trust us, it just works... incredibly well.

In this first video we take the opening scenes of The Last of Us, and re-dub all the characters to imagine that they're not actually fleeing from a world-ending fungal apocalypse, but instead that they're all rather late for the opera. Again--yes--it sounds crazy, but we're confident that you'll love the video.

Want more? Let us know in the comments and we shall make it so. Also, if you have any suggestions for the games you'd like to see with a Posh British Version, please make some suggestions.