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Tributes to Richard Matheson, Jonathan Ross' Doctor Who disco and Wil Wheaton's favourite Star Trek film in the latest Tweets Of The Week

It’s been a difficult year for science fiction and fantasy fans, with genre giants Iain M Banks, Jack Vance, Ray Harryhausen and more already slipping off the mortal coil. This didn’t make the news that Richard Matheson had died any easier to fathom, but thanks to Twitter there was little doubt just how far Matheson’s influence stretched.

@RogerCorman Richard Matheson was a close friend and the best screenwriter I ever worked with. I always shot his first draft. I will miss him.

@Markgatiss RIP the great Richard Matheson. He is Legend.

@JRichardKelly I loved Richard Matheson's writing and it was a huge honor getting to adapt his story "Button, Button" into a film. RIP.

@philfordesq RIP Richard Matheson. One of my heroes. One of the greats.

@neilhimself I never knew Richard Matheson, so have no personal anecdotes. But he was a giant, and YOU KNOW HIS STORIES, even if you think you don't.

@mrmarkmillar To celebrate the Richard Matheson's life, we're going to watch the Zuni voodoo doll segment of Trilogy of Terror before bed. G'night all!

@jamesmoran Farewell to Richard Matheson, an amazing writer who you'll know even if you don't think you do. Huge influence on all of us.

@joe_dante RIP Richard Matheson, author of I Am Legend, The Incredible Shrinking Man, and countless episodes of The Twilight Zone. He was a giant.

@MarkVerheiden RIP Richard Matheson, one of my writing heroes... especially "Hell House", which became the movie "Legend of Hell House." Amazing!

@stevendeknight RIP #RichardMatheson . A colossus of the written word who inspired me and so many others. You will be deeply missed.

@ReeceShearsmith One of the greatest Haunted house stories ever. The Belasco House rivals Hill House in every way.

@davegibbons90 Richard Matheson RIP. A great storyteller. "I Am Legend". of course but his "Beardless Warriors" is a gripping semi-autobiog war story.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@dave_filoni These awards rep hard work of everyone who has worked on the TCW all 5 seasons. Fans, your support %26 dedication helped champion our cause.

@eddieizzard Eddie's twitter page is now live at the Grand West Arena, Cape Town! Tweet now to say hi to South Africa! The Beekeepers #ForceMajeure

@mcgregor_ewan @eddieizzard I am Lord Vader. I will kill you with this tray!! Obi. X.

Wil Wheaton

@wilw Just saw Star Trek into Darkness. I think it's my favorite Star Trek movie I've ever seen.

@BrianLynch Han Solo catches someone stealing shit from his ship. The thief turns around. HAN: Son? MAL REYNOLDS: Hey, Dad. - I JUST WON FAN FICTION

@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN J.Cameron is a pioneer %26 a genius. There won't be any SiFi shooting game exist w/o his movie.

@jarpad Just got the first few scripts of season 9. It's a LOT to read, so, who wants to help me read them?

@wossy About to start my set! Kicking off with Dr Who theme mixing to Yoko then chopping to Die Antwoord. YMCA ready just in case...

@ManMadeMoon World War Z... World War Y, am I right? ZING! ...Actually, am about to see it %26 really looking forward to it. #imadork

One day, I would love to go back to my gaming roots and design a tight little game.

@EddieMcClintock Recently found out the #WAREHOUSE13 gang will make it's final cast appearance at #SDCC . Should be a great way to say farewell and thank you.

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