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Sportsfriends Kickstarter brings local competition to PlayStation 3

Four local multiplayer games from four different independent developers are coming to the PlayStation 3, but they need to hit Kickstarter first. Sportsfriends is a compilation of Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra, four "sports" games their developers say are united by the principles of playful competition, performance, and spectatorship.

The developers already have a deal with Sony to make sure the game appears on the platform, including a contract with the Pub Fund (an outreach financing program that has helped indie games like Dyad and Papo & Yo appear on the console). But they need $150,000 to get the games individually ported from their native code and working on PlayStation 3 first.

J.S. Joust doesn't actually use a monitor for gameplay, and none of the games have a single-player mode, which made them a difficult pitch for many publishers. The developers hope instead that their Kickstarter pitch will convince players to give the games a shot, which they plan to release on PlayStation 3 first in fall 2013 then on PC/Mac/Linux.

Plus, they have the video accolades of veritable Kickstarter celebrity Tim Schafer. Couldn't hurt.

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