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New Double Discount PS Plus sale includes 50% off Far Cry 4 - Half price honey badgers!

PS Plus has hit the ripe old age of five and the PlayStation Store is celebrating accordingly. Not with cake, balloons, jelly and ice cream or anything that befits turning five but instead a slew of double discounts on games where you can stab human beings in the neck and blow up innocent animals with C4. Everyone with PS Plus - well, that's all of us, right? - has been treated to up to 60% off various titles that would definitely not be suitable someone half a decade old. Yay, half price honey badgers!

So Far Cry 4 has a wholesome 50% off both its standard and special editions, The Last Of Us Remastered is half price too and there's a hefty 70% off the Definitive Edition of Tomb Raider. Diablo 3's Ultimate Evil collection is also half price and, if you are looking for something for a five year old, might I suggest 60% off The Evil Within? No? Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham might be more fitting and that's 50% off too.

Check out the full list on the PlayStation Blog.

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