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Kill Bill 3 won't be Tarantino's next

Tarantino has spoken out on his upcoming directorial slate, and it turns out that the further adventures of the Bride (AKA Beatrix Kiddo) will not be arriving as soon as some anticipated.

In fact, don't rule out an Inglourious Basterds -length wait. Tarantino says of the project: "Well, it wouldn't be Kill Bill obviously, It would be Volume 3 of the story of the Bride".

"There's no script, there are just ideas and notes" he adds.

On the project's status, QT says: "There's no script, there are just ideas and notes... We're getting there, we're about one movie away".

A tantalising idea: catching up with the Bride several years after her roaring rampage of revenge. Wonder what she's been up to?

Source [ FirstShowing ]

Are you keen to see more of the Bride? Or were two volumes enough for you? Let us know!