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Keith Lemon: The Film gets a full-length trailer

Keith Lemon: The Film is the movie debut of Leigh Francis’ celebrity-bothering alter ego (as the fairly self-explanatory title suggests).

The movie delves into Lemon’s early days as pre-fame inventor/salesman, proudly dubbed ‘Small-time businessman of the year’ in 1993. A stroke of luck while pitching a product on daytime TV show sees his stock sky-rocket, and the rest is history.

From the outset, it’s clear that KL:TF is going to be keeping the humour firmly on the filthy side; after a narrowly averted C-bomb, the trailer is packed with crude innuendo and inappropriate banter… just what fans will be wanting, then.

As you’d expect, there are cameos aplenty, in Lemon’s old Bo Selecta stablemate, Mel B.

Check out the trailer for Keith Lemon: The Film below:


Keith Lemon: The Film opens on 24 August 2012.