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Garfield and McGregor considering bank robbery movies

Andrew Garfield and Ewan McGregor's names have been mentioned in connection with two upcoming bank-robbery flicks.

Garfield, next to be seen in The Amazing Spider-Man , has been linked with The Robber , a remake of a German film about a marathon runner who holds up banks.

Amazing Spider-Man producer Laura Ziskin is behind the remake.

The original is apparently a medaditive, mysterious character piece rather than an actioner, so if Garfield signs perhaps it'll mark his intentions to balance the blockbusting with thought-provoking fare.

And Ewan McGregor is interested in playing real-life robber Eddie Dodson, who held up banks with charm rather than guns, in Electric Slide , a project he has been linked to for some time.

Dodson successfully robbed banks in California throughout the 80s, and was renowned for his politeness and efficiency, once managing six heists in four hours. Movies of his life have been mooted before, but none have got off the ground.

It sounds like it could be the ideal role for McGregor, with his big-eyed, wide-grinning charisma, and it might stand out from some of the less exceptional parts he's taken recently.

Both projects are waiting on completed scripts, so it'll be a while before we get any confirmation, but they certainly sound like tantalising prospects.