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Bourne 4 gets a writer

Matt Damon Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is set to hit cinema screens again if 20th Century Fox get their way – they’ve just hired screenwriter Tony Gilroy to scribble a fourth flick.

Despite both Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass hesitant to return to the Bourne-verse after their near-flawless run (and the critically adored Ultimatum in 2007), Gilroy – who has written all of the Bourne flicks to date – has been recruited to keep the franchise alive.

Reportedly Gilroy will stray from the novels this time around (even though the title Legacy follows Ultimatum in the book series), creating his own adventure with a rumoured South America location.

Producer Frank Marshall broke the news by Tweeting (what else) “Tony Gilroy, the keeper of the Bourne flame, is back with us to write the treatment for #4, THE BOURNE LEGACY…” Gilroy is also expected to craft a ‘ Bourne bible’ (presumably for those of us who can't keep up with the plot twists).

Will Damon be tempted back for more fist-fighting? He’s already insisted that he won’t “do it without [ Paul Greengrass ]”, and was adamant that a fourth film would “probably be a prequel”.

We wait with bated breath.

What do you want from a fourth Bourne ?