Anthony Mackie knows voodoo

For what initially sounded like a daft horror picture, voodoo-themed drama Vipka is beginning to put together quite an exciting little cast.

Directed by Ripple Effect ’s Philippe Caland, the official plot synopsis describes a story that, “follows two adversaries who go head-to-head in a game that will test each man’s belief in what they’re certain is the truth.”

Nice and specific then. However, it was clearly enough to convince Forest Whitaker, who was recently revealed to have joined the project as both star and producer.

Variety is now reporting that he’ll be joined by The Hurt Locker ’s Anthony Mackie (the second of the “two adversaries”?) with Alien vs. Predator star Sanaa Lathan also along for the ride.

The latter will play a yoga teacher whose brother in law gets their family involved with a violent loon, set to be played by Whitaker.

For those of you still wondering, the title refers to an ancient Buddhist concept in which “vipaka” is the ensuing consequence of a karmic act. So now you know.

Mackie's star is very much in the ascendence at present, with the young actor soon to appear in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter before taking on a key role in Sean Penn's Gangster Squad .

Source: Variety

Voodoo or Voo-don’t? What do you reckon?

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