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The Angry Birds Movie gets a trailer and will finally help us understand the lore

The Angry Birds games have been around for more than five years now, and in that time they've branched out to spin-offs, books, television, toys, and plenty of other merchandise. Yet for all their success, it's only now that the irate fowl are headed to the big screen of your local cinema thanks to The Angry Birds Movie.

It won't be out until next summer, but the first trailer has just been released...

Finally, all the mysteries of the Angry Birds universe will be solved. And as a plus, since there are birds that do indeed seem angry, this might end up being the most faithful video game-to-film adaptation yet! I mean sure, there aren't any slingshots in this sneak peek, but I'm sure they're saving that for a big reveal down the line, right?

Also, while we're happy that an animator who worked on Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph is in the director's chair, we think the studio really missed out by not hiring Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch. We all know how much he'd probably love to work on something that originated on an iPhone (opens in new tab).

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