24 heading to cinemas?

It’s a pretty good bet that Jack Bauer has had the worst four days of anyone… ever. The man who makes 24 tick has dealt with every kind of terrorism, lost family members and had a daughter with an annoying hobby of being a kidnap victim. So do you think producers Fox are going to give the fella a break? Nah…

“It could be an amazing series of movies,” said the show’s star Kiefer Sutherland. “One of the things I've experienced making this show is that an audience can handle a lot more than we thought when we started - the tension, the anxiety... If we could squeeze all the energy we spread over 24 hours of programming and put that into 2, I think we'd knock your socks off.”

Phew! If that’s not enough for you and you happen to be one of our stateside cousins - then prepare for more Jack-on-the-box with 24 Season Five kicking off this weekend.