13 Promising New Friday The 13th Remake Shots

We're a little on the fence when it comes to horror remakes. Especially those made by Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes company.

Check the gallery to your right to see pictures from their latest effort.

In case you don't recognise the name, Platinum Dunes is the company behind the Texas Chain Saw Massacre remake, which was pretty much amazing.

But they were also behind The Hitcher, which was so bad it made us want to pay someone to run over our faces in a Fiat until the memory of watching it had been squashed out of our brain-boxes.

Still, we've got high hopes for their take on Friday The 13th - the original was ripe for remaking, and we like the idea of sticking hockey mask Jason into the franchise from the opening instalment.

And these pictures seem to confirm that we were right to place our trust in '09 Vorhees.

They seem to suggest that director Marcus Nispel has gathered together a gang of preposterously attractive people, so that our Jase can get narked off and chop 'em up with his machete. Which is pretty much all we want from the film.

So, the new shots are a mix of girls looking hot, blokes looking buff and Jason looking evil. Check 'em out in the gallery to your right.

What horror flicks do you want to see remade? Tell us below!

[Source: Bloody Disgusting ]

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