Midnight Run 2 hits the tracks

De Niro set to return as bounty hunter...

Eighties crime comedy Midnight Run is to receive the sequel treatment over at Universal.

The studio have hired screenwriter Tim Dowling to scribble a follow-up to the celebrated flick.

Deadline Hollywood report that Robert De Niro will return to the role of Jack Walsh, an ex-cop-turned-bounty hunter, while co-star Charles Grodin (yeah, him off Beethoven ) won’t be coming back (he’s only made one film since 1994).

Plot details are under wraps, but apparently the story would involve Walsh “bringing in a new fugitive”.

Dowling also wrote the not-awful Role Models , and has a story credit on George Lucas In Love . There's no director attached yet.

Could this be a terrible move for both Universal and De Niro? The original Run was a hit back in the ‘80s, boasting a great script and brilliant chemistry between De Niro and Grodin. But why a sequel now, especially after a string of feeble TV follow-ups?

This news make you want to run for the hills?