Jessica Alba signs for An Invisible Sign Of My Own

A maths drama, not a superhero tale

Don’t go thinking that Jessica Alba will be putting the experience she gained as Fantastic Four’s Invisible Girl to any use in An Invisible Sign Of My Own – it’s a story about a lonely girl and her numerical obsession, not a super-powered adventure.

She’s agreed to star in Marilyn Angelo’s new drama, which finds a young woman hiding from the world in a security blanket of maths and numerical patterns, reports Variety .

It’s not a remake of Pi, either: her obsession doesn’t send her into a paranoid world of shady conspiracies, but lands her a job teaching kids. All together now… Awww.

It might as well be a superhero story, though. Can anyone say Jessica Alba looks the type to go all nerdy hermit and prefer calculators to cocktails? We doubt it.