Buzz Uncut: Todd Haynes On Marty (Scorsese, that is)

Buzz: Did you feel that Scorsese’s documentary gave you freer reign because the factual part had been done? A straight biopic would have involved a lot of repetition...

Todd Haynes: It didn’t really. That project was something like ten years in the making, it was really Dylan's manager Jeff Rosen’s project – he conducted all the interviews that were in No Direction Home and when I first met Jeff he showed me his rough cut way before Scorsese was involved in it. I guess this doesn’t really answer your question, but I already knew what I was doing and had decided the way I was going to approach it. I forget what year it was done...

Buzz: No Direction Home came out in 2005 over here.

Haynes: Yeah, so we were shopping the script around before that came out. But I never felt that it was going to take attention away from our movie.

Buzz: And it’s quite different...

Haynes: [Laughs] Yeah, it’s quite different, but it’s funny how insatiable the curiosity is and how many different forms it can take that will never kill the interest.


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