Wilson dives into Henry Poole

He’ll be seen next month being terrified in a motel with Kate Beckinsale, but Luke Wilson is already looking ahead to his future. He’ll crop up in The Wendell Baker Story, which he wrote and co-directed with brother Andrew and You Kill Me with Sir Ben of Kingsley.

And he’s just signed on for Henry Poole Is Here, which tells the tale of a man living a swanky life with a sexy fiancée and a cushy job who discovers that he only has six weeks to live. Stunned, he ditches his high-flying existence for the suburbs, hoping to quietly exist on a diet of pizza and vodka.

But – because there wouldn’t really be much of a film if that was all that happened – a miracle transforms his life and his neighbours refuse to let him live a quiet, despairing existence. He should move to Nag End on Sea: that’s all they have.

The Mothman Prophecies director Mark Pellington is calling the shots from Albert Torres’ script starting this summer in LA.