Wilmer Valderrama finds some PartyBuddys

Having been seen out on the town with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, there’s no doubting that former That 70’s Show co-star Wilmer Valderrama knows his way around the clubs of LA and New York. But now it would appear he hasn’t just been getting tanked up and busy with models and actresses, he’s actually been doing research for a new movie. And if you believe that, we’ve got a chunk of Bigfoot’s hair we’d like to sell you.

But Valderrama has channelled his club-going into one useful new outlet. Having heard about the PartyBuddys service – which ferries wealthy businessmen around New York’s clubs, gets them past the bouncers and the velvet ropes and lets them pretend they’re celebrities for the night – he’s approached Universal with a pitch for a film based on the company.

There’s no actual script yet, though we imagine it’ll be something along the lines of a group of friends heading out for one wild and crazy night of debauchery, before learning an important life lesson about friendship and not mixing vodka with laxatives or something. Either that, or a raucous comedy set among the flashy party circuit. Valderrama will apparently agree to star if he approves the screenplay.