Whedon's Wonder

Joss Whedon was at the LA Screenwriter’s Expo this weekend, and Total Film was there with ears wide open to hear him gab about the latest on Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros will bring DC’s Amazonian crime-battler to the screen in 2007, guided by Whedon and producer Joel Silver. And now that his publicity duties for Serenity are just about finished, Whedon has been cracking on with the Wonder-screenplay. He was open about what he will - and won’t - be putting in.

“I’m not using the TV show as any sort of template, because I’m not really a fan,” he admitted. “The comics have been around for years, but there’s never been a definite origin story. That’s what movies have been able to crack recently. Until X-Men and Spider-Man – well, the Donner Superman did it – there really hadn’t been a thorough origin movie that captured the spirit of the comic. But now with the likes of Batman Begins and some of those Marvel movies, there’s a real standard to keep.”

And what of one of the most famous elements from the Wonder-world? “The invisible jet will be in my movie!” he laughed. “I think I can find a place for it…”