Watch The New Battlestar Galactica Promo Here

A teaser trailer for the last half of Battlestar Galactica Season 4 has arrived online and you can watch it below.

We love Battlestar, and we know many of you do too. So while we’re thrilled to see new footage from the show, it’s a bittersweet watch as it means this really is the end.

Well, unless you count the webisodes and shorts that will surround the final episodes. But right now, we’re too sad to even try.

Business As Usual

It’s business as usual for the crew of Galactica – which means chaos all around, betrayal, battle and hope. Oh, and some kissing.

When we last saw our heroes, they had arrived at Earth, a smoking ruin. Which is not really what you’re hoping for when you’ve been stuck in a ship fleeing your home, a smoking ruin.

We’re crossing our fingers that the show goes out in a blaze of glory. And that the planned Caprica prequel spin-off either works out brilliantly or never makes it beyond a pilot.

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