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Watch GRs SWTOR livestream for a chance to win this Senate Guard model and art book

Star Wars: The Old Republic officially launched today and we’ll be busy exploring, questing, grinding, looting, and PvPing as we continue working on our final review. In the meantime, you can keep track of our progress by visiting our ongoing SWTOR review diary and watching our SWTOR livestream on

This week, we’ll be streaming an hour or two of gameplay everyday from 6PM ET/3PT to 8PM ET/5PT. To celebrate all the non-stop saber slashing and dialogue choices, we’re giving away this fabulous pre-painted Senate Guard model kit along with a copy of The Art and Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

To enter, head to our SWTOR stream and leave a comment on the article. Not this article! Leave a comment on this one, the article with our SWTOR stream. A winner will be randomly selected and contacted via private message on the site by one of our administrators.

Good luck! And may the Force be with you.