Watch action-packed new trailer for Spooks: The Greater Good

The long-running BBC spy series Spooks (or MI-5 to US audiences) is making the leap from the small to big screen in the shape of Spooks: The Greater Good. Following on from the events of the show, the movie will arrive in UK cinemas this May, and to reacquaint us with the story a brand new trailer has dropped.

Returning Spooks star Peter Firth is back as Sir Harry Pearce, who, after fumbling a routine custody handover, winds up in the Thames. Or does he? It soon transpires that the former golden boy of Mi5 has actually gone rogue, and it’s up to Kit Harington’s agency newbie Will Holloway to locate him. While foiling a deadly terrorism plot at the same time.

Feast your eyes on the preview below:

The trailer owes more than a debt to the series - not only in terms of content - but in its stylistic choices. While many fans were distraught to hear of the show’s cancelation, the movie appears to plug that gap nicely.

Spooks: The Greater Good arrives in the UK on May 8th. Jennifer Ehle, Tuppence Middleston, Elyes Gabel, David Harewood, and Tim McInnery co-star.

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Gem Seddon

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