Valentines Day woos cinema-goers

V-day lovers obviously outweighed the haters in cinema complexes this weekend, as Garry Marshall’s rom-com Valentine's Day stole audience members’ hearts along with the number one spot from last week’s Avatar victor Dear John .

Seduced by a frankly epic cast of A-listers – among them Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Jamie Foxx, Shirley MacLaine and some guy from Twilight – American audiences coughed up $52m to give Valentine’s Day a strong opening weekend.

Harry Potter aspirant Percy Jackson followed in second place with $31m (a whopping $60m behind the first Harry Potter flick’s opening weekend haul of $90.3m).

Meanwhile, the V-day haters satisfied their blood lust with Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman , which gobbled up a decent $30m. And Avatar got one up on Dear John by taking fourth place, adding another $22m to its money bag. Dear John capped off the top five with $15m.

The rest of the top ten saw Tooth Fairy , From Paris With Love , Edge Of Darkness , Crazy Heart and When In Rome all taking between $3-5m each, nowhere near the rest of the competition.

What did you catch this weekend?

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