Val Kilmer joins The Steam Experiment

Val Kilmer has locked down a deal to lead indie thriller The Steam Experiment.

He’s just one of several actors who have nabbed roles in the film. It sees a university professor (Kilmer) trap hostages in a bathhouse and turn up the heat to prove that humans will go crazy under the pressure of global warming, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

He reaches out to a detective (Armand Assante), demanding that his hypothesis is printed in the local paper. If his demands aren't met, he’ll continue to cook a former American football player (Eric Roberts), an ex-actress (Megan Brown), a nurse (Patrick Muldoon) and a waitress (Eve Mauro).

Philippe Martinez has picked up the megaphone for the first time in four years (he’s been spending time as a producer) to direct the movie, which has already started shooting in Michigan.