Val Kilmer celebrates Columbus Day

To us Brits, Columbus Day isn’t even a holiday, given that it celebrates some bloke who got a bit lost, pitched up on the shores of the “New World” and claimed he’d discovered the place. Which was a bit of a shock to all the people living there already.

Still, it’s a public day off in America-land, but to Val Kilmer, it’s now a heist drama he’s about to star in.

He’ll play a thief trapped in the biggest robbery of his life, one that’s rapidly going sour. He only has one morning in which to fix things while also trying to patch up his relationship with his ex-wife (CSI’s Marg Helgenberger). His only real help comes from a colleague (Wilmer Valderrama) who helps to organise the crime.

Old Kilmer schoolmate Kevin Spacey is producing via his Trigger Street Productions, and his producing partner could do with a few lessons in how to spin a good quote: "Trigger Street looks forward to making this Los Angeles thriller on location with a great actor like Val Kilmer," Dana Brunetti gassed to The Hollywood Reporter . Wow… we really can’t wait to see this one. Still, director Charles Burmeister Is already busy rolling the cameras.

Source: ( Hollywood Reporter )

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