Uwe Boll Vs Billy Zane

Oh, Dr Boll… Not content with mouthing off about every director ever, Uwe Boll’s gotten somewhat more serious about a long-running issue he’s been fighting.

See, Boll claims he was burned by distributors Romar Entertainment who were supposed to see Bloodrayne shoved onto more than 2,000 screens and use $10 million from the good doctor in advertising. But Uwe claims that Billy Zane, who has a hand in the company (and who also appears in the movie) got a hefty payout instead and the movie only arrived in a paltry 950 screens.

So he’s suing Zane for at least $700,000 in lost revenues at Los Angeles Superior Court. The case continues, at least until everyone involved in the film is dragged up before the Cinema Court for making the thing in the first place.

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