Universal plans Skyscraper disaster epic

Universal has set is sights on a disaster film written by newcomer Mike Sobel set in a super-skyscraper.

The film, currently titled Skyscraper, is described by The Hollywood Reporter as in the style of The Towering Inferno, finds a high-tech super-skyscraper (duh!) built in Chicago.

This being a disaster movie, things go epically wrong when the building starts to falter and the structure’s Donald Trump-style developer has to work with a daring crew to save it.

Fast And The Furious producer

Neal Moritz, who has worked on, among other things, the Fast & The Furious movies, is producing this one, so expect lots of glossy action.

Our advice is to buy the rights (if they’re available) to Philip Kerr’s thriller novel The Grid, which features all sorts of fun things going badly wrong in an intelligent skyscraper. All we ask is a producing credit and 50p as a fee.