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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

New Ronald D Moore series greenlit; X-Men casting; Knight Rider movie gets writer; missing Avengers episodes get new lease of life... all the latest news hoovered up so you don't have to look at those other websites that you don't love as much as us.

• We’ve known for about a year that Battlestar Galactica ’s Ronald D Moore was working on a series called Outlander (as part of a two-year deal with Sony Pictures Television). Now the Starz network have officially ordered 16 episodes, for transmission in 2014. Based on a seven-book series by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander concerns a British army nurse from 1945 who’s mysteriously flung back to 1743 after visiting some standing stones near Inverness; there, she ends up marrying a Scottish warrior (even though she’s already married in the "present" - awkward). Filming starts this Autumn, in bonnie Scotland. Hmm, wonder if they’ll visit Castle Leod , the inspiration for the books’ Castle Leoch?

• A Knight Rider movie has taken a step closer to magnificent reality, with the Weinstein Co (who now own the rights) tasking one Brad Copeland (no, us neither) with writing a draft of the script, according to The LA Times . Copeland’s previous credits include half a dozen episodes of Arrested Development , so he can obviously do the funnies. Just make sure there’s a swishy red light on the front of KITT and we’ll be happy, Brad.

Ian Berriman

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