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Tweets Of The Week

The Pope, Harry Potter, Cinderella and Kung Fu Panda all get shout outs from this week’s Twitterati

It’s another week, and another SF/fantasy ’sleb has joined the Twittersphere: “Is this thing on?” writes the dapper Who writer and former League Of Gentlemen man, Mark Gatiss ( ) : “At the risk of being like Paul McCartney in old man's jeans, I am plunging into this new realm of wonders. Hello cheeky.”

Meanwhile, Gatiss’s fellow Leaguer Reece Shearsmith ( ) (who’s relatively new to this Twitter business himself) had an interesting take on an old classic: “In the Grimms’ Cinderella the Sisters cut parts of their own feet off to try and make the slipper fit! They don’t do that bit in panto!”

In other Twitter news :

  • Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures writer Gareth Robers ( ) let slip of an exciting celebrity guest spot in the spin-off show: “BBC Wales, the BBC Trust and the Catholic Church are in ‘delicate negotiations’ over the Pope's cameo in The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Supernatural ’s Misha Collins ( ) apolgised to his followers who might have been offended by an earlier post: “For those offended By my calling US customs officials ‘Nazis,’ I use the term colloquially, they are not-to my knowledge-party members”
  • Eliza Dushku ( ) told us her favourite movie line: “‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift.. That's why it’s called the present.’ – Kung Fu Panda !”
  • Bryan Hitch ( ) attacked one of SF’s wisest sages: “Yoda says ‘do or don't do, there is no try’. F**k Yoda. Trying is the stuff of champions”
  • Kevin J Anderson ( ) told Dune fans where he is with his new book: “Brian Herbert & I spent most of last week brainstorming and outlining next Dune book, The Sisterhood Of Dune . Polishing chapter outline now”
  • Edgar Wright ( ) recieved the best present of his life: “The Knitted Character from Harry Hill's TV Burp! My life is now complete. End!”
  • And finally Simon Pegg ( ) has some advise for the marketing people at Warner: “Don't keep referring to the next Harry Potter film as HP7. It sounds like an experimental condiment.”