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Tweets Of The Week

Who wants to see a different Chris Evans in the Cap suit? Plus Batman porn, knitted Daleks and more from the Twitterati

Anyone see the sketches for the movie Captain America costume that Chris Evans will soon find himself wearing? It was enough to give Moon 's Duncan Jones a brainwave: "Someone please please do a British Chris Evans head on the body of the new Captain America artwork comp. I would laugh so hard!"

Talking of Marvel characters, their head honcho Joe Quesada posted this up last week, and we promise, it's a doozy: “ This is simply wonderful ! I dare you not to smile.”

Heard about this Batman XXX porn parody? If you haven't, it's worth checking out the (tits and willies-free) trailer on YouTube. Mark Millar was certainly intrigued: “I’m a bit disturbed this Batman porn parody. It’s like seeing Mickey Mouse naked. Only Bryan Hitch has ever craved seeing The Joker's wang!” Talking of pornography, Eliza Dushku posted this: "Shooting something majorly fun dudes, some of you guys might go nuckin' futs when I'm allowed to reveal what it is!" Well, we're hoping it's porn...

In other Twitter news, Wil Wheaton revealed quite how geeky his friends are: “My friend knit me a Dalek washcloth. When she gave it to me she said EXTER-MI-KNIT!”; William Shatner told how much difficulty he’s having writing his comic book: “You’ve gotta pack in as much visual information and in such a small space. What a skill that is!”; Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright felt guilty for flying so much: “On my way from London to LA again. My carbon footprint in 2010 is so bad I shall have to snog a tree. Maybe tops and fingers!”; Matthew Graham gave a little extra info for Ashes To Ashes fans regarding when the characters passed on: “Chris died 1976. Ray died 1972. Shaz died 1996. I think!”; and Bryan Hitch revealed what he thought of Prince of Persia : “About as interesting as watching the man formally known as Prince making a Persian rug. Possibly less so.”