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Fred’s Twitpics from the past, Hayley Atwell's Lara Croft campaign and Madame de Pompadour meets Amy Pond in the latest Tweets Of The Week

There was a time when behind the scenes snippets were confined to convention panels and the odd making of book. Then DVDs came along and, for a time, everyone knew everything about every TV show/film ever made; until everyone started diligently ignoring DVD extras in favour of a few extra minutes on Facebook. Fortunately now Twitter's here there's finally another avenue to disseminate long-forgotten pictures from behind the scenes of your favourite show, which is exactly what Amy Acker did this past week, all while pimping her new movie. Well played, Fred.

@AmyAcker Found this stack of old pictures from the set of Angel. They made me smile...thought I'd share:)

Fell off that horse. It hurt. But it was worth it.

Aww, Fred and Wesley- so excited for y'all to see @MuchAdoFilm @MuchAdoMovieUK

A little rehearsal pic- we look tired

Love @jaugustrichards ! But, who doesn't? Handsome, talented and the nicest guy ever:)

In other news, @HayleyAtwell has taken to Twitter recently to retweet those endorsing her as the next Lara Croft in MGM's Tomb Raider prequel. Crowd-sourced casting cant be far off...

@samtaztic @MGM_Studios - Fans of the Tomb Raider franchise want the talented @HayleyAtwell for the role of Laura Croft! Come on MGM. Make this happen.

@Imhaworth Dear @MGM_Studios - @HayleyAtwell would be a fantastic Lara Croft. What a beautiful, believable bad-ass! I'd see that film at least twice.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@THEBRYANHITCH Don't miss next weeks Doctor Who 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS' I did some designs for that one!

@jarpad Wrapped season 8 yesterdaywant! If u want a behind-the-scenes fun fact, here is what got me to my emotional place

@jamesmoran Time for Game of Thrones, or "Who did that beardy guy say he hated? Spafflethrannis? Is he a king or a goat?"

@edgarwright The lovely people at the @BFI might be pleased to know we are currently wolfing this down in the World's End mix.

@HatchingChange On behalf of my fans and the many great manifestations of Lois Lane, help recognize her today. #LoisLane75yrs

@JamesGunn Iron Man 3 premiere

@ninadobrev On set, filming the TVD season 4 finale episode - graduation, to be specific - the end of a chapter..bittersweet.

@neilhimself Scribble. Scribble. Scribble.

@Bryan Singer Picture before picture. Tomorrow it begins. @SirPatStew #XMen #DaysOfFuturePast

@stevendeknight Kinda. RT @Mattrecballz @stevendeknight are the #incursion aliens biped?

@thisisTomRiley Also, all your kind tweets about Da Vinci are both overwhelming & heartwarming. Thank you. You may all take a treat from my lucky sack. X

@SophiaMyles Today I had the pleasure of bumping in to Karen Gillan in LA. It's a small and wonderful world!

@EddieMcClintock #WAREHOUSE13 Season 4.5 The juggernaut that is @AnthonySHead , may prove 2B the baddest bad guy in Warehouse history!

@bad_robot Almost done!!!! - JJ #StarTrekIntoDarkness

@MarcW Day 51. No time for a change.

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