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Tuesday Link-a-Mania

Building Trek’s Snow Beast
Wired has a great little interview, with tons of pics, with digital monster maker Neville (Cloverfield, Avatar) Page describing how he created Big Red, the snow planet beast in the new Star Trek movie. He used anglerfish as an inspiration, apparently.

Deleted Caprica Scene
Coming Soon secured the clip below, a deleted scene from the Caprica pilot featuring Joseph Adama (Esai Morales) arguing with his mother about his family history and coming from Tauron. It will be featured on the DVD release as an extra.

Close Encounters Of The True Kind?
Does the name Whitley Strieber ring a bell? Apart from being the author of Wolfen and The Hunger, he also popularised the concept of "alien greys" in his book Communion, an apparently "non-fiction" account of his encounter with aliens. He’s also written a graphic novel, The Nye Incidents, about a medical examiner on the hunt of a killer of alien abductees, which is also inspired by true incidents, which has been picked up by Warner Brothers' horror label, Dark Castle, for development as a film, reports Variety .