Tom-Kat having a little Cruise

M:I-3 megastar Tom Cruise and his Batman Begins fiancée Katie Holmes are expecting their first child, six months after getting together. Cruise’s publicist Lee Anne De Vette (also his sister) confirmed the news. “Katie is pregnant. They are expecting a baby, ” De Vette stated. “They are very excited.”

Cruise has two adopted children, Connor, 10, and Isabella, 12, with his second wife, Nicole Kidman. Cruise and Kidman’s union began on the set of Tony Scott race-track ripsnorter Days Of Thunder in 1990 but they split 10 years later.

Tom and Katie announced their engagement at a Paris press conference in May this year, two months into their “special friendship”.

Their relationship has taken a brutal battering from the press after a usually restrained Cruiser went crazy-in-love on Oprah to tell the world about his head-over-heels affection for the former Dawson’s Creek actress.

However, Total Film would like to extend our congratulations to the pearly-toothed couple and wish them all the very best. But please, when it comes to branding the little darling, don’t delve into the Nic Cage bumper book of bogus baby names…