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Stephen Kings The Stand being made into a movie

the stand

The next few years of cinema are going to belong to Stephen King, if all the latest activity surrounding adaptations of his work is anything to go by.

With Universal masterminding a grandiose three-movies-plus-TV-series adap of his Dark Tower series, CBS have dusted off the rights to his other masterpiece, The Stand .

Having partnered with Warner Bros, the two studios are attempting to find a way to finally wrestle the film adaptation into being.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Stand follows a band of survivors who find themselves up against an evil man known as Randall Flagg.

CBS and Warner Bros are setting up meetings with writers and directors now, and are still deciding if one way of adapting King’s epic 1000+ page book will be to make numerous films.

During the ‘80s, George A. Romero attempted his own movie adap but failed to resolve the book into a movie screenplay.

King himself wrote the script for a six-hour mini-series that aired in 1994, and starred Molly Ringwald, Ed Harris and Shawnee Smith.