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Robocop reboot could be directed by Jose Padilha


Robocop has been attempting to make a big screen come back for years now, with various filmmakers all turning their hand to the project.

Now, though, MGM appear to have find a man to fill the director’s chair, with Elite Squad ’s Joe Padilha in negotiations to take on the gig.

Padilha’s Elite Squad received acclaimed for its street level action, which dealt with Brazil’s drug culture in a feverish, breathless fashion.

Padilha also helmed award-winning doc Bus 174 , which means he’s also got a few grey cells to go along with that action mentality – and could mean he’s a surprise perfect fit for Robocop .

Paul Verhoeven’s original 1987 Robocop was celebrated for its satirical wit as much as its iconic imagery, which means the reboot’s director should be able to handle both action and social commentary.

Once Padilha has signed on to the reboot, MGM will finally hire a writer to get the Robocop script off the ground. The MGM revival continues…