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Rob Letterman to direct Stretch Armstrong

When we announced that some exec somewhere had greenlit a Stretch Armstrong movie, we were dubious at best that the film would make it past development - but in a defiant, possibly spiteful move, the project has found a director.

The movie, which has already signed Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner as its star, will be directed by Rob Letterman, who is currently working on the post-production of Gulliver’s Travels .

The film will also be given a re-write by Nick Stoller who directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall .

Although the thought of a Stretch Armstrong movie doesn’t sound the most exciting idea, with Letterman at the helm and Stoller putting pen to paper, it could prove us wrong.

And with Lautner carrying the film it’ll no doubt pull in vast audiences of teenage girls at least. Especially when they realise it’s in 3D…

Stretch Armstrong ? Or a stretch too far?