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Perlman is Conans papa

Last week, it looked almost like a done deal that Mickey Rourke would be donning the loin cloth and starring as the father of sword-wielding barbarian Conan.

But Rourke has opted instead to join Tarsem Singh’s Dawn Of War (also known under the title War Of The Gods ).

So who’s going to shoulder the part of daddy dearest? Well, none other than Hellboy himself Ron Perlman has signed on to play Corin in Marcus Nispel’s Conan reboot.

Currently showing face in FX drama Sons Of Anarchy , Perlman is also putting in an appearance alongside Nicholas Cage in this year’s delayed Season Of The Witch .

As well as Perlman, GI Joe ’s Said Taghmaoui has joined the cast as the leader of a band of thieves who is saved by Conan and offers him help, while Avatar ’s Stephen Lang is the main villain, whose schemes involve resurrecting the demonic minions of a dead god.

Shooting on Conan kicks off later this month with Hawaiian model and Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa as the titular bronzed barbarian.

Does Perlman trump Rourke?