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Monday Link-A-Mania

To start the week: Heroes, Douglas Adams, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Lego and more! It's today's sci-fi news digest...

• Everything is awesome! Yes, there's going to be a sequel to The Lego Movie , planned for 26 May 2017.

Heroes is coming back to TV, in the form of a 13-episode mini-series called Heroes Reborn . Original creator Tim Kring is in the exec producer role, although currently all story details are under wraps. The mini-series will air in 2015 with digital episodes hitting the web before then to introduce the characters. Here's the tiniest of video teasers:

• Don’t Panic! It's been 30 years since The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy text adventure game came out. And in a special celebration, BBC Radio 4 Extra is bringing listeners an "Anniversary Edition" of the game online - and broadcasting series one and two on the radio . Both will launch on Saturday 8 March 2014. The world’s most devious game will now be in high definition thanks to refreshed illustrations and graphics, and will be a web-based game accessible via the Radio 4 Extra site.

• Warner Bros is making Space Jam 2 , for some reason. LeBron James will be starring, and Willie Ebersol (who won an Emmy for the London Olympics) is writing the screenplay. [UPDATE: Although Warner Bros hasn't commented yet on that script , LeBron James's people have said it ain't happening . Just a widely reported rumour then?]

• The English adaptation of Shadows Of Esteren , a 2010 French role-playing game inspired by Celtic mythology, is rocking Kickstarter . The medieval horror universe of the game is also set to spawn an adventure videogame and a soundtrack, and is now at over $70,000 on the crowdfunding platform. The series' starter kit can be freely downloaded too.

• Want to get your head around Guardians Of The Galaxy ? Membase kindly created a summary of who all the characters are , and the prevailing theories about how they fit into the Marvel universe.

• Following the weekend's news that the role of Constantine has been cast for a TV pilot, artist Stephen R Bissette took to Facebook to claim that the character's original creators don't stand to receive any payments for this.

• And finally, the latest issue of Comic Review is available for download now with a five-star Terminator review giving you your cover image. Remember our chums on Comic Heroes mag also produce this weekly iPad/iPhone mag and it's just 99p (or free if you already get Comic Heroes via Apple Newsstand ).