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Monday Link-A-Mania

Kick-Ass 2 , American Gods , Snow White , Oz The Great And Powerful , Wonder Woman

Will Wonder Woman Feature The First On-Screen Marvel/DC Crossover?
Well, sort of, but no, not really, to be honest. Looks like it’s more of an-joke (or maybe someone on the production doesn’t realise the difference between Marvel and DC). According to Moviehole , via a message it received from a casting agent, the new NBC show features the following scene: “Wonder Woman is chasing one of the suspected bad guys onto Hollywood Boulevard – near the Chinese Theatre. She has a run-in with a fake Iron Man and then a Wonder Woman performer – in her fifties. The street performers cause her to lose her suspect.” We’re sure our sides will split.

No Plans For Kick-Ass 2 ?
Here’s an interesting little video interview from X-Men: First Class and Kick-Ass scripter Jane Goldman. Interesting not so much because of what she says about First Class (though that’s pretty interesting), but more because – despite anything Mark Millar might say about it swinging into production a week next Thursday – she reckons there are no current plans for a Kick-Ass sequel.