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Mission Impossible IV receives official title

Mission Impossible IV has officially dropped its numeral and been afforded the title Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Tom Cruise himself revealed the new moniker while chatting about filming, which is currently taking place over in sunny Dubai.

“One of the things I always wanted for the franchise was for it not to have a number afterwards,” he told Gulf News .

“I’ve never done sequels to films and I never thought of these films as sequels. Paramount has done a great job in coming up with a title, so it’s not going to be MI2, 3, 4 , it’s going to be Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. I always felt it should have a title.”

Is he right? While it makes sense for the series to rethink its branding considering its essentially being rebooted with sequel three, Ghost Protocol has a whiff of the overdramatics about it.