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Michael Fassbender is Young Magneto


X-Men: The First Class has landed itself a leading man for Magneto – and yep, Michael Fassbender will be the one donning the tin can helmet.

A few weeks back, Fassbender was reportedly considering whether or not to join First Class as Magneto, or take on other Marvel franchise Spider-Man in an unspecified villain role.

Well, it seems he’s made the right decision, opting to work with hot ticket Matthew Vaughn on his prequel comic book movie, which will dig into the past of our favourite X-Men to establish their origins – y’know, before Bryan Singer’s origins movies, that is.

Fassbender was no doubt enticed by the prospect of working with Vaughn, as well as James McAvoy, who will be sharing time with him as a younger version of Professor X.

Other actors who have recently signed on are Benjamin Walker as Beast, Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost, and rumours abound that Amber Heard could be the new Mystique.

X-Men: First Class is set to hit cinemas on 3 June, 2011.

Source: [ Showbiz 411 ]

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