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HBO and BBC team up for WikiLeaks movie

rowan joffe

When the world has a crisis, you can bet on it being turned into a movie.

Which is exactly what’s happening with the WikiLeaks controversy, after the site’s editor-in-chief Julian Assange revealed reams of sensitive government documents online last year.

Variety reports that Rowan Joffe ( The American , above) is writing a movie version of the scandal, with the story following Assange and his operatives as they post private information online.
Inside Job director Charles Ferguson will direct.

We’re sure co-producers HBO and the BBC are hoping for something not dissimilar to The Social Network , which also took an online phenomenon and turned it into a classy, Oscar-baiting film.

Joffe’s isn’t the only WikiLeaks film in the works. Hurt Locker writer/ producer Mark Boal is also backing one, while an in-the-works Assange biography has been optioned by Josephson Entertainment and Michelle Krumm Productions.