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Dan Aykroyd confirms recent Ghostbusters 3 casting rumours

Barely a day goes by when some new Ghostbusters 3 rumour doesn't hit the web.

But this one comes from the horse's mouth (sort of). Bloody Disgusting are reporting that Dan Aykroyd recently confirmed some casting news via an interview on WGN Radio Chicago.

Aykroyd admitted that Bill Hader and Anna Faris have been mentioned as strong possibilities, although apparently nothing is close to official yet. We could definitely imagine them fitting in and nailing the required tone.

The Ghostbusters writer and actor also brought up Eliza Dushku's ( Buffy , Dollhouse ) name, so perhaps they're planning to have an ass-kicking team member along with the funny faces.

Aykroyd also apparently confirmed the long-running, on-and-off rumour that Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver will be returning.

The rumour mill has been churning so long on this now that some kind of official announcement surely can't be too far off.

Source: Bloody Disgusting via WorstPreviews

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