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Arnold Schwarzenegger announces first project back

Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a deal with QED International for his return to acting in Cry Macho .

The actor has been busy since his departure from politics, setting up Terminator 5 with Justin Lin, a 52-episode children’s animated series called The Governator with none other than comic book king Stan Lee, and now this.

The film will require some dramatic acting chops from the former Governor of California and features Arnie as a horse breeder whose wife and child get killed.

He sinks into an alcoholic depression and ends up working for a rich man who offers him a choice of getting fired or kidnapping the rich man’s son from his ex-wife in Mexico.

Al Ruddy, who won Oscars for both The Godfather and Million Dollar Baby , will produce, whilst Brad Furman ( The Lincoln Lawyer ) looks set to direct.

Shooting begins in September, with the rights to the film looking to be sold at this years Cannes Film Festival.

All that remains to be seen is whether audiences are willing to accept Arnie back onto their screens - and in a drama no less.