TRON 3 shooting in Vancouver this fall?

It seems as though there may be life in the TRON franchise yet, with reports circulating that TRON 3 could be set to begin filming in Vancouver this fall.

The news comes courtesy of local source VanCity Buzz, which also goes on to claim that Garrett Hedlund will be returning to take the starring role.

That news is backed up by Badass Digest, who not only reiterate the plan to shoot later this year but also claim that Joseph Kosinski will be occupying the director’s chair for a second time.

It had been assumed that the franchise had stalled given the lukewarm reviews and box office received by TRON: Legacy, but by the sound of things, Disney is about to get back on the lightcycle for one more try…

No word as yet on whether Olivia Wilde will also be returning, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she were contractually obliged to. Room for a Jeff Bridges cameo? We shall see…

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George Wales

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