Trailer Park: Sex and story time

Two trailers that couldn’t be more different if they tried (yet are also weirdly similar) are drifting about the web right now. The first is the new, extended trailer for Sex And The City, which finally gives some proper story info for everyone who really needs to know. It’s Parker’s Carrie telling a story to one of her mate’s kids and essentially looking at what happens when you think you get your happy ending but it doesn’t quite work out the way you thought it might.

See it here .

The second footage is from Tarsem’s The Fall, his epic Princess Bride-storyteller-meets mythical tale of warriors pic, which has been stuck in release limbo after some healthy festival critical notices failed to persuade anyone to pick it up. But now it has a date and everything.

The CHUD boys got it (via IGN) and you can find it here .