Tommy Lee Jones will grumble his way through the next Bourne movie

The next Bourne movie is accruing quite the starry line-up, as Variety reports that Tommy Lee Jones is the next cast member to join the action sequel. There's no confirmed character details forthcoming from Universal, but the site maintains that he's set to play a high-ranking member of the CIA, akin to the parts played by David Strathairn, Chris Cooper and Edward Norton in previous instalments. Regardless, expect gruffness.

Back for the first time since Bourne Ultimatum is Matt Damon, who returns as undercover and amnesiac spy Jason Bourne. The focus of the fifth film will revert back to Damon's character, though it won't discount the Jeremy Renner-led Bourne Legacy. On that same note, Julia Stiles will also reprise her role as Nicky Parsons alongside Alicia Vikander, the only other confirmed cast member.

Paul Greengrass, who helmed the second two parts of the main series, returns to the director's chair working from a script he co-wrote with Christopher Rouse. The fifth Bourne movie opens on July 29, 2016.

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Gem Seddon

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