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Tommy Lee Jones for Captain America?

As confirmations roll in that Tommy Lee Jones will be re-teaming with his favourite comedy foil Will Smith for Men In Black 3 this summer, Hollywood whispers are now also linking the acting vet to another giant franchise – that of Captain America .

According to UGO , the craggy Texas native is in “talks” to take on a part in Joe Johnston’s First Avenger: Captain America .

The superhero flick is set to shoot on 28 June, with the much-publicised casting process awarding former Fantastic Four star Chris Evans the titular shield-flinging role.

Beyond the reports that he’s in talks, nothing is yet known about any part that is being ushered in Tommy Lee Jones’ direction.

UGO vacillate that “if he appeared in Captain America it would likely be a smaller commitment”, but that’s no doubt pure speculation for the time being. Either way, fingers crossed that he makes an appearance.

Think Captain America needs some Jones?