Three thesps suffer The Haunting In Connecticut

You’d think that being haunted would stop some houses from selling. But in movie-world (and if the based-on-truth tag for this chiller is to be believed, in reality), people still plump down cash for a supernatural property after a genius real estate agent convinces them that the blood-dripping walls are “a nice original feature.”

Virginia Madsen is just one of those people, as she’s already signed on for horror thriller The Haunting In Connecticut. And now she’ll be joined by Martin Donovan as her husband and Kyle Gallner as her cancer patient son, who is the first person to realise that something’s not right with the place. So who are they gonna call? Why, that would be Elias Koteas’ priest, a fellow cancer sufferer who offers to help out.

Peter Cornwell is already cranking the cameras in Canada and the movie should be spooking cinemas next year.

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